We have an expansive menu of curriculums developed over years. That said, each program is a true co-authorship between facilitators, hosting organizations and participants. If you can dream it up, together we can create it.




CircusYoga offers 2-hour workshops in community centers, yoga studios, schools and museums. These workshops support:

  • bonding in families

  • learning readiness

  • group connection

  • kinesthetic learning

  • family fun night




CircusYoga has been part of the Kripalu Center for Yoga community since 1999, offering 2-day and 5-day  retreats at Easter, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. This a wonderful way to get away with your friends and family, learn some surprising new skills, connect with one another and play, while enjoying the most delicious food and a plethora of Kripalu classes, outings & events when we are not in session.


For Schools

In-School Residencies

CircusYoga offers a whole body, experiential approach to learning. Through a two-week interdisciplinary residency K-8 students will explore topics such as Anatomy, Life Science, Leadership or Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds. Every residency is designed specifically to meet your school’s needs, culture and curriculum. Inclusion and co-authorship guide the CircusYoga classroom. Students are met where they are and encouraged to lead with their curiosity. A residency includes 6 sessions per day, serving six different class groups of approximately 25. Each class will create a performance act. The culminating experience of the two weeks is an hour-long co-authored show open to the whole school community.


Family Fun Nights

CircusYoga offers Family Fun Nights for schools in the Northeast and around the country. This is a brilliant way to bring parents into your school, increase their empathy for the learning process and foster valuable bonding with their kids. This is all done through a 1- to 3-hour playful workshop filled with accessible circus skills and playful group yoga. Everyone is welcome. No prior experience needed. Neither “circus” or “yoga” is should exclude or intimidate anyone, but instead, create a wonderfully rich and inclusive vocabulary of play. This is a rare opportunity when students, parents, teachers and administrators are co-authoring games, activities and creations together in a highly facilitated experience. Everyone succeeds and supports everyone else’s success. Creativity and joy grows within the cultures of our workshops. See how your school culture can benefit by this inclusive, connected, co-authored and empathetic Family Fun Night!  


For Organizations


The collaboration between Human Art of Play facilitators and corporate leadership invites enhanced communication, information sharing, and authentic connections which promote job satisfaction and staff retention while reducing workplace stress. These supportive relationships among peers, superiors and subordinates create a safe and interdependent culture which promotes thought-leadership and problem-solving in the best interests of the organization.




The Human Art of Play can be a half-day or multi-day event, and can stand by itself or be woven into a larger business activity, at the workplace or offsite. Organizations have benefitted by including Human Art of Play facilitation at board retreats, and multi-day ideation and product development sessions. Activities are designed to prime the group for creativity, connection and co-authorship.



For Teachers + Group Leaders


CircusYoga Teacher Trainings are designed to engage the kinesthetic learner in all of us. As an educator, social worker or leader of any kind, the faster way to engage is through play. Lessons learned experientially are remembered. And joy is the fastest delivery system. Our trainings are based on the foundational principles of inclusion, connection, co-authorship and empathy. We teach participants how to engage a group of diverse learners, structure a connected experience, foster creativity and risk-taking, and co-create together. Our Ring One Training typically runs over a weekend. The accompanying manual is filled with practices, games and resources, as well as theory and approach. You’ll walk away with lots of new tools and re-energized in your teaching or leadership.



For Therapeutic Environments


By design, CircusYoga workshops provide unique opportunities for developmentally accessible and appropriately challenging interpersonal experiences through an embodied, social-learning adventure that inspires learners and educators alike. Our facilitators are able to work with everyone in the room to generate a space that is encouraging and playfully structured, in a wide variety of therapeutic residential and educational settings (including special needs schools, orphanages, mental health facilities, detention halls, and homeless shelters). 

The practice is highly adaptable for working within the rules and policies of institutions while creating flexible opportunities to foster a highly positive cultural tone. This tone resonates in the minds and bodies of participants long after the experience.